Hear Your Customer's Voice

You Need to Know !

Customer acquisition is expensive. It requires an ongoing commitment of company resources.

Keeping a customer is much easier than acquiring a customer.

Successful customer retention strategies positively impact your bottom line.


That's why we all need customer feedback.

• to improve customer satisfaction so we can  enhance the customer experience.

• to be aware of  issues with our products /services and improve them so we can stay competitive.

• to know when we are doing things right and when we aren't.

Its a very competitive world out there and we need to be in sync with our customer's needs.


With the advent of on line survey tools it should be easy to attain. But is it?


What's wrong with surveys?

• People are inundated with surveys from everywhere they interact with businesses. Massive Survey Fatigue

• Surveys are  presented at a time when the customer is NOT interested in responding.

• Busy people have no time to spend answering a bunch of questions that don't relate to their immediate experience.

• There is no motivation, reward.

• People will not necessarily answer honestly tending to give false positive responses and unreliable data.

• Constant repetitive requests for surveys can actually create a negative feeling towards your company.

• They do not provide a communication path for specific and immediate customer issues that you need to address.


What's different about CustomerCarePoint?

• People will communicate their true feelings about your company and products at the moment that they are having an experience.

• They are highly motivated to tell you how they feel - positive OR negative.

• They will respond honestly.

• You get immediate notification of all customer communications.

• All data is accumulated in an interactive report with a resolution details log that can be used for customer follow up.

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